Emergency Phone Numbers for Phuket


The TOURIST POLICE can be your best friend:

CALL 1155 -
24hr, anywhere in Thailand
Tourist Police of Thailand, 24hr HOTLINE CALL 1155

In an Emergency

If you find yourself facing a problem you'll find that nearly everyone will want to try to help you. You are a guest in Thailand and your concern is shared by all of the people around you, even total strangers.

DO NOT BECOME ANGRY. Whether you are Right or wrong you will be treated with full respect as long as you remain calm and act friendly. REMAIN POLITE AT ALL TIMES, KEEP A SMILE while working at solving your problem. A smile will take you further than you can imagine and you will be treated with respect. Becoming upset and angry will automatically produce results harmful to your cause.

Take a minute to review Tourist Police Tips for a Safe Holiday


Some emergency & useful phone numbers for Phuket:
You must first dial the Thailand country code (+66). DO NOT include the first '0'.
Example: for Marine police, FROM OUTSIDE THAILAND dial +66 76.215.438, FROM INSIDE THAILAND dial 076.215.438.



Police: 191
Fire: 199
Tourist police: 1155 or (+66) 076.219.878
Marine police: (+66) 076.215.438, 076.211.883
Phuket tourist rescue center: (+66) 076.383.907-9
Phuket International Hospital Ambulance Service: (+66) 076.210.935
Customs: (+66) 076.211.105
Diving recompression chambers: (+66) 076.342.518
Hyperbaric Services: (+66) 089.871.2335

Phuket Hospitals


Bangkok Phuket Hospital
Phuket Town:
(+66) 076.254.421
Mission Hospital
Phuket Town:
(+66) 076.237.220-6, 076.211.908
Patong Hospital: (+66) 076.344.225, 076.342.633-4
Phuket International Hospital
Bypass Road:
(+66) 076.249.400
Ruan Paet Hospital
Phuket Town:
(+66) 076.211.578, 076.212.950, 076.216.179
Thalang Hospital: (+66) 076.311.033-4, 076.311.111
Vachira Hospital
Phuket Town:
(+66) 076.211.114, 076.217.294-8

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards


American Express: (+66) 022.730.022, 022.730.044 (24 Hrs.)
Diners Club / Citicorp: (+66) 022.383.600 (24 Hrs.)
JCB (SCB) (+66) 022.562.842, 022.551.525 (24 Hrs.)
JCB (worldwide) 001.800.0009.0009 (TOLL FREE)
Mastercard Center: (USA) 001.800.11.887.0663
Visa Center: (+66) 022.567.324-9 (24 Hrs.)


Tourist Police TIPS for a safe holiday:

Phuket is a very safe destination, and when Tourists and visitors get in trouble, it is usually because they gave trouble a chance.

Keep cash, credit cards & valuables in your reception lock box.

Never accept drinks or food of any kind from strangers.

Keep your passport, cash and valuables on your person when sleeping in a bus,

Before renting cars, motorbikes or Jet skis, list any damage on the rental agreement and sign.

Never give the original of your passport as guarantee to a vehicle renter.

Use only ATM machines in malls and at banks.

When going out at night, only take the cash and valuables you need.

When going on a Tour, choose well known reputable companies.

Tourist Police, Your Best Friend, call 1155


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