Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary greatly. You'll find all villas, listed in our portfolio at our main page, where you can enter several search criteria e.g. price range. All villas rates offered include taxes etc unless shown otherwise with individual conditions. Some villas charge electricity consumption separately, according to meters. The price per unit (KW) will not exceed 8 Bht.
Most payments are made to our company bank account, some payments are made direct to the owner's account, details of which will be provided at the time of booking. We offer multi million dollar properties and the owners are respected persons in the community in their home country, as well as here in Thailand. For any claims or complaints you can always contact the TAT (Tourism Association of Thailand) at They will forward your information to the relevant party and ask for response.

1. Downpayment:
It is very important that you make your payment after our confirmation and inform us about accordingly, along with your name and any reference number. With receipt of 50% downpayment to secure the booking we will issue your final booking confirmation either by e-mail, or by Fax. Kindly advise your preference. Only after receipt of the downpayment, your reservation can be confirmed on behalf of the landlord.
In order to secure your booking all client's payments will immediately be forwarded by AEA to the appropriate villa owner. If for some reason you cancel your booking after downpayment and after our confirmation, the landlord is encouraged to reimburse your downpayment less relevant cancellation fee, according to our our General Terms and Conditions. However, AEA has no influence on the correct handling of this procedure.

2. Scurity deposit:
Please be aware that most villas require a refundable security deposit of e.g 30,000 Bht. This security deposit is required, to cover any kind of damages to the interior or to the villa. This deposit can be paid in any major currency at arrival and will not be exchanged into Thai Baht. This deposit is due only at arrival against receipt. It will not be exchanged into Thai Baht and if no damage, it will be paid back in full at departure.
Phuket Beachvillas.Com is a service of "AEA" - All Exclusive Arrangements Part., Ltd. in Phuket, Thailand. With more than 25 years of local experience, we are travel specialists and partner for holiday rentals here in Phuket. We're serving those, who don't have time to do their own research, or who don't have appropriate information at hand. We specifically care for those travelers, who are new to this wonderful place.
We will be your direct contact and we are sure that we can offer you the luxury holiday that you deserve. Our emphasis, in all aspects of our business, is very expert personal service and aimed to provide you with the exact facilities that you require. We can tailor make any service especially to your own personal requirements.

Our Philosophy:
Our philosophy is that each and every person and business, has its own unique attitudes, ideals, beliefs and needs. We believe that we are committed to an ethical obligation, if you entrust to us with your holiday requirements. We are right at the spot and we've done it all... Therefore you've got someone to guide you through the process, one step at a time! Contact us today and challenge us. You'll get answers about Villa Rentals in Phuket fast !
Yes. If there are any extra service charges, these are shown clearly on the villa rental conditions. It is most important that you process your deposit payment on confirmation of your booking and advise us that the deposit is under way, along with the name and reference number. NO BOOKING IS CONFIRMED UNTIL THE DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED.
Care should be taken with young children. Parents of young children may wish to note that very few of the swimming pools in Phuket's private villas have fenced off swimming pools. This may require a level of supervision, higher than one may be accustomed to elsewhere. We will advise you about this if required so please ask.
Most are on room only basis. Some include breakfast and a few include all Thai food. Information is shown on the different villa details. Most have live in staff that buy all food and drink at cost for you and prepare it in the way you like.
Some villas have cars included. If not, yes they can be arranged before or when you arrive. We can arrange Car Rentals at Special Guest Rates with, or without driver. (Driving habits on Phuket can best be described as "erratic"). Tours etc. can be arranged by your villa staff, or we can make you some suggestions.
Most have staff supplied who live in or work every day. Some of the villas have regular cleaning staff. Don't worry. You will always be taken care of no matter which villa you select. Most can arrange a cook if not already included. Most villas have many local restaurants close by who will always deliver sumptuous meals at low costs. Details are available in your actual villa or from our Concierge service on arrival.
Villas in our portfolio are located all over Phuket in a distance from 20 mtrs./800 mtrs. up to 4 km from the beaches, but a large majority of these are directly on or very close to the beaches. Due to building restrictions here in Thailand there are in general VERY few villas located directly on the beach, (which is the reason for Phuket's beautiful beaches...). The few remaining villas there are either built illegally, or one of the exceptions, where planning permission has been granted, before these building codes were enacted.
At each villa details page you will see a list of amenities. which shows the villa's facilities and what is included.
Sorry, all villas are non smoking indoors. Therefore we would request no-smoking at the Villas, but those guests wishing to do so are please asked to do so outside, with care.
All prices are based on full occupancy, but some villa owners allow reduced rates, subject to the time of year, for smaller parties. There is a section in the enquiry form, where you can tell us the total number of persons incl. the number of children. Please fill in the form accordingly and we'll contact the villa owners with your requirements. If there are any discounts applicable they will be advised to you in the confirmation reply.

Villas are only to be occupied for the total agreed number of guests at the time of booking. All price quotations are based on your original enquiry for the maximum group size and bedrooms required. Any changes from your original enquiry may incur additional changes to the quoted rates. All rack rates are shown for full occupancy unless otherwise stated. All other villa services remain the same unless otherwise stated.
Please check the amenities of the villa. Some include transfers from and to the airport. If not, and should you require airport transfer, or rental of a vehicle, kindly advise and we will arrange for you. For others you may book on the enquiry form or ask us at the confirmation stage.
High and peak seasons (Nov until April) are usually dry and hot. Low season (May until Oct) has some rains but mainly later afternoon or overnight. However with the worlds weather constantly changing we suggest you look at the weather conditions here or shown at each property page, or at one of the online weather services.

NOTE: If there are anywhere RED FLAGS displayed at the beach, please do not swim in the surge !
For more and important information visit our info page about: Rip-Currents
Full of smiles and very laid back. There is no such thing as rushing everywhere so just chill out and go with the flow. In high population tourist areas you should be on your guard at times. Do not flash a lot of money around. However crime in Thailand is very low especially against visitors. Never loose your temper. Always stay calm and polite in all circumstances.

For more information on Thai Culture please visit our Tips & Hints
We are always in touch with the owners and yes, we can usually get you a good deal for last minute bookings, or long-term stay, but unlikely in High- or Peak season!!!.
Just check out our competitors against our prices. Find a cheaper price? Tell us and if it is genuine we will probably beat it!!! Our rates do NOT contain any add-ons. Our rates are identical with the villa owner's rates !

An important point is that we do not manage any of the villas so we always base our advice on what is the best for you and the best value for money that you can get. Many other companies actually manage the villas they offer and have obligations to fill them rather than to suggest the best for you. We want your recommendation and we want to welcome you back again !
Rentals prices are expressed per day/night in US$ and include all taxes unless otherwise stated. Some villas allow payment or charge in Thai Baht based on the exchange rate of the day. Therefore some dollar prices are subject to change when payable in Thai Baht.

Below the pictures of each villa you'll find the LOWEST seasonal rate, printed in bold red. The easiest way of converting the rate is to just click on it and a separate window will open for conversion to any currency. Note: Exchange rates are for informational purposes only
We do not manage any of the villas listed here so our suggestions are based on our local knowledge of the villas and which are most suitable for your requirements not on management obligations to any villas. We have lived in Phuket for over 25 years and most of the owners are well known to us and are just a few kms, or a quick call away.

You'll find all villas, listed in our portfolio at our main page, where you can enter several search criteria. Just enter your preferences there:
Location on Phuket (if known)
Budget fir accommodation in USD (use price slider)
Arrival date
Departure date
no of guests
and the system will show you some properties, fitting these preferences.
Yes and we understand why you wish to do so. In fact 1/2 the world seems to want to do this, but most villas will only accept a minimum of 10-14 nights stay during these periods. However if you wish to stay only for 5-7 nights, sometimes we can fit you in around other dates so you need to be flexible. Some villas will make a surcharge of between 10-20% for offering this service. This is applicable to all periods classed as Peak seasons. Chinese New Year is classed as Peak season and for most villas, peak season rates will apply.

On the contrary; Most of the villa owners usually do not wish to rent their villas throughout High- and Peak Season on long-term basis, unless they get their rates paid accordingly as published. Therefore it will be very unlikely, to get a good rate for these periods for long-term stay.
We, "AEA" - All Exclusive Arrangements Part., Ltd. are an agent, acting on behalf of the villa owner or management company. We act both for you and for the above, but only in the capacity of a booking agent. Your final agreement is between you and the villa owners or management company.
All villas have different booking terms. If refund is due then this is made direct to you, but there is usually a small charge to cover bank fees and administration. For more Information please refer to our General Terms & Conditions
We regret we do not accept enquiries and bookings where the minimum stay period for low and high seasons are less than 3 nights For peak periods minimum stays are usually between 10 to 14 nights, but are subject to the villa owners preferences.
Last minute confirmations are payable in full within 24 hours of confirmation. If no proof of payment or payments are not received within 24 hours from the date and time shown on your confirmation e mail (Thai time), then the booking is automatically cancelled without any prior notification.
All rates published at our websites are as last updated by the villa owners. In some cases we might not have received their latest updates and so far the rates may be invalid. Latest with confirmation of your reservation request you will receive the latest, valid rate.
We are here to help. Please just Contact us any time with any question.