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If you find yourself facing a problem you'll find that nearly everyone will want to try to help you. You are a guest in Thailand and your concern is shared by all of the people around you, even total strangers. DO NOT BECOME ANGRY. Whether you are Right or wrong you will be treated with full respect as long as you remain calm and act friendly. REMAIN POLITE AT ALL TIMES, KEEP A SMILE while working at solving your problem. A smile will take you further than you can imagine and you will be treated with respect. Becoming upset and angry will automatically produce results harmful to your cause.


Taxi Service

Should you require a taxi transfer from and to the airport, we will arrange a limousine for up to 3 persons. Should you travel in a group we will arrange a Mini Van for up to 9 persons. Please inform us timely prior to arrival and departure about your flight data, so that we can arrange secure pick-up service in time. 


Flight Tickets

(reconfirmation) Important: Please don‘t forget to reconfirm your tickets at least 72 hours before departure. If you require, we will do it for you. The fee for tickets to be reconfirmed for local flights is 150 Baht and for any other destination 200 Baht per ticket.

Telephone Calls

To place an international call dial 001 first, followed by the country code (without 0) and then the area code (without 0) - then dial the participants number at the destination.


Most air-conditions do not switch off automatically when you leave the house. For environmental protection and for your own safety may we kindly ask you, not to leave the air conditioner without attention. Please switch it off, once you do not need it anymore. Thank you.


Please store your valuables in the in-house safe at all times. The villa owners will not take responsibility for any losses. Please do not leave any gas or electrically powered appliances unattended, if you are not at home.

Swimming Pool:

Parents of young children may wish to note that very few of the swimming pools in Phuket's private homes have fenced off swimming pools. This may require a level of supervision higher than one may be accustomed to elsewhere.


Money Change

You may convert any common currency directly at arrival at Phuket's airport, rather than exchange with your local bank. The rates applied in Phuket's banks are of latest and correct  stand. Credit cards or traveler cheques can be changed at most of the local banks. You will need your passport for authorization. Opening times of all banks 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. In shopping centers up to 21:00h.


Car Rentals

Since prices differ from year to year and from season to season, please ask for the current rental fee. There are either Suzuki-Jeeps or limousines, as well as high class limousines available. We will make sure that each car is equipped with air-condition and fully insured. Motorbikes such as Honda Dream (100 cc) or Big-bikes (up to 1400 cc) are available as well, but feature only third-party insurance in Thailand.


Drinking Water

The water supply in the villas is of best quality and unlimited. However, as with any other locality in Thailand, it is mostly not recommended for drinking. Please use drinking water only from sealed bottles or sealed plastic tanks. For any other purpose such as for shower or teeth brushing you may use the standard water supply without danger.


Villa Occupancy at Departure

Please note that each bedroom is suitable for max. 2 persons (unless otherwise agreed). Should the room be occupied with more than one person, there will be a surcharge for each additional person and bed.

At the departure day the villa should be free for room service at 12:30p.m. and the key should by then be returned. Should you require to extend your stay for any reason, there might be a surcharge for each hour extended, unless otherwise agreed and only if no subsequent booking is needed.


Local Transportation

The common way of transportation in Phuket is the so called „Tuck-Tuck" a tiny 4-wheeler, mostly open air in which you enter either at the side or at the back. One pays for a certain distance always at a bargain price. You should always agree with the driver about the price BEFORE departure. Should he mention a price, just deduct a 20% and offer the driver friendly your bargain deal. NOTE: Make sure to have the exact amount available, as they „never" have the change with them...


Any other service requirements, transfers, tours, sailing charters, dive trips, or golfing etc. can be discussed and arranged with the resident manager


Valuable tips and hints about Thailand 
and the Island Phuket

THAILAND (in brief)


The King‘s family, and mainly HM The King himself is highly honored and beloved  by all Thais - without any exception. Therefore consider about all thoughtless or ambiguous statements so far, as this could cause serious trouble, contempt and even official penalties.



According to long established habits, each Thai male (Buddhist) should spend at least 3 months of his life as a monk. After this time though, he may leave the monkshood at any time, without having to accept any disadvantage, or contempt from the side of his family or others, whatsoever.

Monks are highly honored in Thailand. Women may not touch them, or offer them any sacrifice in direct line.



Everywhere in the country Buddha is the most honored deity. Please do NEVER attempt to clime up to any of the Buddha symbols, but always show some attention and respect about the believes and religion of the Thais.


DINING and the way of Dining

In Thailand actually only the Chinese eat with sticks. Thais eat with spoon and fork. That‘s why you won‘t find any knife in a typical Thai restaurant. The exception are the famous noodle soups, which one can buy at almost every road corner. For the rest they move the food by fork with the left hand towards the spoon, held by the right hand. All food is traditionally served in the middle of the table and each guest is served with a plate of plain rice. Each guest then takes just only one small portion at a time from one of his favorites dishes and mix it on his plate with rice, before taking from another favorite dish.



Nudism is officially forbidden in Thailand, although topless swimwear is mostly accepted. You should know, however, that anyone carrying topless at the beach or at the pool, will be observed by Thais and mostly categorized as being lower class. Nudism is always considered impolite. NEVER shoot any religious images together with nudism of any kind.



A Buddhist may not kill any living creature. You may recognize, that there are many stray dogs, as well as cats on Phuket‘s roads. But why are there so many cats with „broken" tails? In Regards to beauty and movement the cat counts in Indonesia among the most perfect beings on earth. Therefore they are mutilated by breaking, or even partially removing their tails, in order to change that image...

As Phuket is heavily influenced by its southern neighbors, one applies this misbehavior here as well. So far the saying. Believe it or not. But cats in Thailand are some-times BORN with such „broken" tails - how comes and, what's true now ?



Talking about " Phuket" one associates involuntarily to a small paradise in the middle of the endless Indian Ocean. For many good reasons one calls Phuket „Pearl of the Andaman Sea", which offers plenty of pristine clear waters, palm trees, nature swimming, Golfing, SCUBA diving and discovery tours.

Phuket, with a length of approx. 48 km, und and a width of approx. 17 km, lies 900 km South of Bangkok in the Andaman Sea and counts among the richest provinces in Thailand. The Island is surrounded by 39 smaller Islands and connected by the Sarasin Bridge to the mainland. Officially there are about 256.000 people living on 543 sq. km. (in-officially this number might amount to more than the double)

Phuket‘s western region consists of hillside areas  and mountains stretching all along the West coast. The Malaysian name for mountain is „bukit" and one assumes that the name „Phuket" originates from there.

The wealth of the island is based on 3 sources, which are tin mining, rubber trees, and of course the tourism industry. Tin mining has been banned from the Island for environmental protection of its natural resources and has been discontinued because of the fact, that the price for tin has drastically fallen.

The last remaining source for tin is the sea bottom and therefore you might find some of the old huge swimming tin mining factories, crossing the horizon near Bang Tao Beach. Patong Beach with its many entertainment facilities is considered Phuket‘s main beach, although clear signs of „overloads" become more and more visible nowadays. Therefore visitors prefer the neighboring beaches at Karon and Kata, which are still unspoiled. All other beaches are more deserted and therefore undeveloped, but lonely and idyllic situated. 

As you can easily recognize: Phuket has got a lot to offer for everyone.



Lovely beaches are not far away from your Holiday Villa!  BUT:

If  there are anywhere  RED FLAGS  displayed at the beach, 
please do not swim in the surge !


The Andaman Sea offers all over the Island clear and warm water - similar to your bathtub at home. So, it is obvious what one of your main activities will be for the next few days....

The sea looks inviting for swimming almost every day. There are no extreme underwater currents and there are no dangerous sharks around. However, you should maintain a certain level of attention while enjoying fresh clear blues in open water. 

Phuket‘s West coast has to be observed carefully in Low Season. Please do not swim in the surge if you see RED FLAGS displayed at the beach !


Should it happen to you that you are pulled away from the beach; It means that you are caught by a so called "rip-current" Do NOT try to swim against the surge. Just keep calm and swim parallel to the beach, until you are automatically carried back to the beach again !

Click here to see info about DANGEROUS RIP CURRENTS
and WHAT TO DO if you're caught

Another „tricky" thing is the sun. Take sun-bathing easy. We recommend to use a sun lotion factor 20-25 for the first few days. Even in cloudy skies and covered by a sun-umbrella you might get a sun-burn quickly and the consequences are painful.

There are many sun-umbrellas and sun-chairs on the beaches for rent. The price is always up to your best bargain with the Thai owner.

Our Villas are located in the South of Phuket - conveniently close to Chalong Bay - just about 3km past Chalong Circle in the direction of Rawai Beach. Chalong Bay is Phuket's first "Boat Lagoon" and Yacht haven. It's the departure pier to all common attractions around Phuket either on land or at sea.

From here you have easy access to all beaches and major travel destinations such as: Phuket and its surrounding, Raja Islands, Corel Island, Krabi, the famous Pee Pee Islands and Pang Nga Bay.

Nai Yang

A fine white sandy beach, stretching approx. 3 kms in the North-West of Phuket Island, close to the airport. Unfortunately not always clean. This is the area where sea turtles come to lay their eggs from November until February.


Bang Tao

This is an almost endless peaceful beach, where you‘ll find many luxury Hotels. The water here is pristine clear and there are no dangerous underwater currents. There are golf- and horse riding facilities.



Beautiful and almost untouched but far deserted from any activity center. This is the ideal beach for windsurfers. Depending on the season swimming along the cost line can be dangerous here (May until October).

Laem Sing

This is actually not a beach, but a small and idyllic bay, counting among the most beautiful swimming areas in Phuket.


Surely the most visited beach in Phuket. Ideally for swimming, but observe the protected areas, as there is lots of water sport activities close to the beach. There are no dangerous underwater currents. The southern beach region is, however, not recommended for swimming due to the exit of Patong‘s „lagoon". Directly at the beach you may rent a longtailboat, which will bring you to some beautiful small beaches nearby.

The beach will unfold in all its beauty, crossing the mountains South of Patong. It is ideally for swimming and extensive beach walks. Many visitors prefer this beach as it is quiet, and centrally located near to Patong.

Kata Beach / Kata Noi Beach
These splendid beaches stretching to the South of Phuket are our recommendation at the West coast. There are even spots where snorkeling is possible. Especially at the south end of Kata Beach towards Kata Noi Beach are some nice reefs to discover. The road between these two beaches leads to a view point that you should not miss ! From here you‘ll have a fantastic view overlooking Kata Noi, Kata and Karon. This place is ideally for watching the sunset.

Nai Harn
Down to the South at Phuket‘s West coast and close to Cape Promthep, you'll find perhaps  the most beautiful beach in Phuket, surrounded by National Park. A quiet little spot at the southern end of Phuket, Nai Harn is one of the island's most beautiful locations and most popular places with in-the-know locals. This quiet and tranquil place has only a few hotels iand is a favorite anchorage for boats during the high season.

Nai Harn Beach is the closest Beach to the Villas we offer and the perfect place for sunset lovers. Great for swimming from November to April, however care should be take in the low season (May-October) when there can be strong undertows on occasion. You can watch high waves, but don‘t forget to watch the RED FLAGS as well. The local restaurants just above the beach make a great place to relax with a sundowner. Due to strong winds which often occur here in Low Season,

Rawai Beach
The last Beach Southeast of Phuket has become „the last Thai Reserve". If you don‘t find Thais at Phuket's  beaches, here you will. Weekends many Thais visit this beach, together with hundreds of rolling kitchens, to enjoy the weekend.
Sheltered from the westerly monsoon winds, it never gets really rough on this side of the island. The tide ebbs and flows accompanied by subtle changes in light tones from season to season. On the water's edge traditional "longtail" fishing boats still bob up and down with the tide, bringing in the day's catch, as well as a few tourists out on day tours or fishing trips to the offshore islands.

Despite the appearance of a few speedboats alongside, the flavor is still definitely low key. Rawai Beach is the
 famous place for island tour activities and seafood restaurants. Driving only 10 minutes from Rawai Beach, the Promthep Cape offers the stunning sunset and panoramic view. It's here where you'll find Phuket's famous National Park and  one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches at Naiharn.


Tours & Tour information

There are many different tours offered on the Island and beyond. Probably each day another one. But some of them are very interesting, as they are typically for the Island and its surrounding and should therefore be mentioned here. Tours that count among the most beautiful ones and which you should not miss to join are:

1. The big Island Discovery 
2. The Simon Cabaret Theater 
3. The Phi Phi Tour by speedboat 
4. The Phang Nga Tour with the famous James Bond Island

Each visitor should join these tours. Not joining means simply to miss the highlights of Phuket. Of course there are many more tours, that can be recommended. Just drop by and we will be happy to advise.

With a fast developing business situation on Phuket we can unfortunately not guarantee for continuous quality and schedule of the operators and their program.


The big Island Discovery

As you might know the Island Phuket is approx. 48 km long and approx. 17 km wide. The area is roughly 543 km2, of which approx. 20 km2 is National Park, jungle and forest. Here you‘ll find plenty of animals and other things to discover. The Island also offers splendid beaches and lonely bays - not at all comparable to „famous" Patong Beach. There are temples, monks quarters, Phuket Town, the Marine Aquarium and many more attractions, which we would love to show you.


The Simon Cabaret Theater

One of the Highlights of a holiday in Phuket is definitely a visit to Simon Cabaret Show. It is a world-known Transvestite-theater with over 120 actors and unique in the world. There is no comparison to all these copies of „Tingel- Tangel Sex shows" in many of the local Bars. This show is sold out almost every day and therefore we will care for a 1st-row ticket if you require. Have a visit there and enjoy the show. Showtime is every day, starting at 19:30 und 21:30.


Pearl Farm

Who not has ever dreamed about finding an ouster, while swimming in the sea, bearing a real pearl ? If possible or not, you‘ll discover during this trip. Departing from Phuket you‘ll be transferred by boat to a small, private Island called Naga Noi. The trip takes about half an hour. Here you‘ll find one of the 2 Pearl Farms in the world, which are open to visitors. After a welcome drink you can observe some of the most beautiful pearls found, cultivated in their natural habitats. Experts will demonstrate the different methods and phases of cultivating pearls. You‘ll hear many details about proof of origin and quality assessment of pearls. 

Surely interesting for enthusiasts, as you can go ahead and explore a new „shopping experience" afterwards. In a comfortable restaurant you will have a Sea Food Lunch served. During the way back to Phuket you will also have a break for swimming at a beautiful, lonely and sandy beach.

Info: Lunch is included. Don‘t forget your swim suite! Explanations given in the Pearl Farm will be in English language.


Phi -Phi Islands
A boat trip through the Andaman Sea (from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the kind of boat chosen) will bring you to the Islands of Kho Phi Phi, a Natural Reserve, which has already been explored by Jean Jacques Cousteau. With arrival at Phi Phi Don, the largest of both Islands, you will enjoy a roundtrip over the coral reefs with a glass-bottom boat. After lunch (with a rich choice of fresh Seafood), you may go ahead swimming or snorkeling or just enjoy or explore the beaches. (snorkeling equipment is included). Your boat will then depart to Phi Phi Lee, famous for its birds nests to be found in huge caves. Three times a year the local „artists" will pick up the birds nests, while risking their lives, each time they clime up along simple bamboo constructions, mounted along these cave walls in an amazing dizzy height. One kilo of this raw material, used for the famous Chinese birds nest soup will cost approx. 25.000 Baht.

You will remain about one hour at a beach, that will prove that the „ kitschy image" of a dream-like beach definitely exists ! On the way home you‘ll be served with fresh fruits and softdrinks, until you‘ll finally reach the harbor at Ao Chalong again.


Phang Nga - James Bond Island

Early morning you‘ll depart by bus in Northern direction to leave the Island Phuket. Crossing the Sarasin-Bridge, which is the only bridge connecting the mainland with Phuket and erected by the Japanese, you‘ll reach the province of Phang Nga. With arrival at the boats pier you‘ll be transferred to a so called „Longtailboat". From here the trip will lead along Mangrove swamps, passing by at a unique landscape. Bizarre limestone formations, grottos and caves will leave an unforgettable impression for life time. Finally you‘ll reach famous "James Bond Island". This is the place where James Bond‘s Movie „The man with the golden Gun" was produced.

Your lunch will be served in an impressive Sea Gypsy Village, which is solely built and resting on wooden columns, rammed into the sea bottom. On the way back to Phuket you‘ll have a break and visit one of the most famous temples and a Handicraft Center.

Info: Day trip starts 8:30 a.m. arrival back in Phuket around 4:30 p.m.
Lunch is included ( Seafood, Fish )
Don‘t forget photo and film equipment. "James Bond Island" is one of the most preferred destinations, but not really considered as being a „peaceful place on earth".

We recommend to take sun protection along on the tour.



For your outside entertainment in and around Phuket, we have collected some useful tips and we can always give you some further details about the following to do‘s.


Mini golf

At Patong Beach you‘ll find a splendid adventure Mini golf facility. Not at all „Thai-style" but definitely extravagant and in a „Pirate Village" setup. This place is suitable for anyone. It is situated on the road, parallel to the Beach Road, behind Holiday Inn Hotel. Between Kata and Karon Beach you can discover a very different kind of Mini Golf. There they offer golfing entertainment with an „active" volcano and... Dinosaur attractions and an open air restaurant in a Jurassic Park style. Just ask for the „Dino Park" - anyone knows and will show you the way.


As we mentioned in the beginning already: An evening entertainment -one of a kind- offers the Simon Cabaret Show. Even though you won‘t believe - you will not find any lady on the stage, but you won‘t be able to tell the difference. Performance of the dancers, decoration, light and music are a real pleasure. This setup is by far not a cheap „Tingel Tangel Sex show", but offers a relaxing and even funny evening entertainment.



Situated at the East Coast at Cape Panwa, you‘ll find a huge Aquarium , which brings you a bit closer to the underwater world. The 2. Aquarium of the Island is situated in town, near to Lotus Shopping Center and offers an adjacent butterfly farm with an insect terrarium.


Horse Riding

„Fortune of earth lays on the back of a Horse" and that‘s not even far away from here. On the main road towards Rawai Beach - just around the corner, some 2 kms from here. By horse you may discover some unspoiled places on Phuket Island, which cannot be reached by cars. Other horse riding facilities you‘ll find at Nai Harn Beach and at Bang Tao Beach. The latter to be found near to Hotel Dusit Laguna, Sheraton and Pacific Island Club. In regards to the destinations they visit, their horses and their fees, it might be the best recommendation. Prices from 500 Baht upwards.

Water sports

At the beaches you'll find almost any kind of water sport. Rental of water sport equipment is always on your own risk. Please be aware that accidents with such equipment are no exceptions, but "common" almost every month - especially while using jet-skies. Please consider the rental of these dangerous and disturbing vehicles, also in view of environmental care on the Island of Phuket. The same applies for Parasailing.



One of the main activities, supported by numerous dive centers is SCUBA Diving. Whether you like to make a diving course or a dive trip: There is an international dive center right at Chalong Bay. Rewarded with „The golden Dolphin" as being the best dive center in SE Asia, this dive center offers anything you might wish in regards to diving education or tours. Catering at their ships is excellent, diving equipment well-maintained and their diving instructors are qualified PADI and/or CMAS members.


Tennis & Golfing

Tennis and excellent world-class Golfing facilities are also widely spread over the Island, but membership is required in most of the sites. Please contact the resident manager for more information



There are many other kind of sports available such as Thai boxing, Golf, Gun shooting (hmm...), Bodybuilding, Cable Water-ski and Aerobic. Just ask for more information.




Almost every village has a pharmacy, which is mostly called „Drugstore" displaying a green-cross sign.

Just by the way. Should you have some First Aid equipment or common medicine with you - especially plasters - and should you not need it anymore at your departure, just leave it with
us. The next guest in need will definitely be most thankful to have it available. A good recommendation against mosquito-bites is the famous „Tiger Balm". A crème that contains Menthol, which is used by locals for almost any kind of „sickness". To be found in almost every supermarket at 40 Baht.



Although we hope that you will not need medical assistance - not only during your stay - we will be pleased to assist you in finding the right place for treatment, should the need arise. For emergency please contact the nearest First Aid station right at Chalong Bay - accessible 24 hours a day. If you need help, just call us at any day- or night time. We will assist you. 

There are excellent „Western Style" hospitals in Phuket Town, which are experienced even with complicated treatments and Medic First Aid. They accept many different insurance credit cards and also all common credit cards, but insist to have an invoice issued for treatment and medicine.

Dental care in Thailand is excellent and also reasonably priced. Especially dental prosthesis and dental sanitation Hospitals are usually well-equipped and feature up-to-date dental departments.


 „OUT ON „BAIL"...

It is surely not our intention to patronage your stay, but regarding the actual situation in Thailand it might be helpful to know... You‘ll be in a good mood, There‘s music, entertainment, alcohol, and there‘s even much more - everywhere! In such a situation one forgets easily... Please do not waste your health carelessly. There are Pharmacies selling contraceptives everywhere and there are serious reasons for !




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